DIY : Favorites in November and December

I know, I know it’s already December. But what can I say, the article was already in November, but there is currently at home (and for a long time) no Internet. But it is still up to date. I am going to provide DIY Yoga Mat Cleaner recipe for you on here.

At the moment I’m very much at odds with myself, I’m very thoughtful and yes, maybe a bit slow in all things I do or do not do. Is it the season? Is it because it is so rainy, gray and dark? You can always look outside for the reasons, but maybe we are often the ones who make life more difficult for us. There are so many advices and wisdom: The relationships that you take seriously and maintain, but then again take life too seriously, but stay relaxed and everything comes just as it happens. You can not plan it anyway.

DIY Yoga Mat Cleaner

It always happens differently than you think. And then the question comes again, where you see yourself in 3, 5 or 10 years and you stand there and just do not know it. What is it? Have a plan or not? Or just a half-plan? Honestly! I have no idea. What I do in such moments: I just take the time to be thoughtful (even if others would now advise again, not always thinking so much) and try to find my balance again by resting, taking time off and do things that really make me feel good.

Then I’m just slow. That’s my right, right? After all, only I should tell myself how to live my life. Take time out and do things that really fill me. Then I’m just slow. That’s my right, right? After all, only I should tell myself how to live my life. Take time out and do things that really fill me. Then I’m just slow. That’s my right, right? After all, only I should tell myself how to live my life. You can read my recipe for DIY Yoga Mat Cleaner below…


But sometimes you lose track. There is so much you would like and want to do. Where do you start, where do you stop? From a sporting point of view, there were three important things for me this month (November) and this one wants to introduce you today. Oh dear, a funny bow that I have curious. But sometimes I like to read what others have discovered for products and recommend, because in our time and the masses of stuff is simply quickly overwhelmed with his decision or baffled, what am Best is; There are many empty promises. That’s why I want to make life easier for you with my darling this month … more or less.

Adidas Lux

I went astray. I cheated on my beloved Nikes. Yes, Nike is still very attractive and just always looks good. But I could not resist this Adidas Lux. And honestly, they also look really cute and are still super comfortable. I mean really comfortable. It’s my shoes for the gym because all my Nikes are just too dirty from the jogging. And because they are so comfortable, I even put them to work. By the way, I’m a Fitness Trainer and there you have to stand a lot and walk around. This can be unusual after a few hours and be on your back. But it does not happen to me with these shoes. The shoes are available for about 89,99 € on Defshop . I ordered it.

Under Armor Tight

It’s cold and wet outside. And that is far from all that autumn and winter have to offer. There will certainly be more. But I prefer to train outside. Of course you need waterproof and warm training clothes. So there was the tight of Under Armor, which should reject water and cold. In Norway, my pants have protected me from the cold. The inside is a little softer than a normal tight. A little cuddly. Although she defies the cold, she is by no means a heavy, heavy, stubborn tight, but feels refreshingly light and allows plenty of freedom of movement for outdoor workouts. I bought these at the Sportscheck Store in Berlin for € 54.95.

Lululemon yoga mat

To be honest, with the mat the ‘Experience’ stands and falls in the yoga class. A bad mat on which your hands and feet are constantly slipping can literally mess up the entire yoga session. I do not make any compromises! I invested. In a mat by Lululemon. For me, the best yoga mat on the market, because with this I can enjoy the yoga class quite carefree (and possibly sweaty hands) joyful, cheerful and full of joy. A high on this piece of jewelery can be bought at the Lululemon Store in Berlin. Or you do it like me and buy one at the Lululemon Outlet in Melbourne (Australia).

And such a beautiful and faithful mat would of course be duly maintained! To keep it nice and clean and smell good, I recently clean it with a homemade mat cleaner. Of course this should not be a secret and I share this formidable “recipe” with you.

What you need for this:

  • A spray bottle
  • water
  • White wine vinegar
  • 20 drops of tea tree oil
  • 15 drops of lavender oil (or any other oil)

Fill the spray bottle up to ¾ with water. Fill up the rest with the white wine vinegar, but still leave some air for the oil. Add the drops of the oils, close the bottle and shake well. Sprayed on a cloth and wiped over the mat. I could indeed get dirt from my mat. I was amazed that the cloth was so dirty after all. What remains is a clean and delicately scented mat

And last but not least a look behind the scenes. It always looks pretty chic on photos, but I’m of course a nice scenery together. You should just get a realistic view of what I’m doing here. More and more I find out that one is too easily tempted by the beautiful pictures on the WWW or even in magazines to think how beautiful the life of others must be. Never come up with the idea that the lives of others are always beautifully packed and perfect. Do not be fooled by pictures!

You have read my recipe for DIY Yoga Mat Cleaner. If you have any questions please feel free to ask me. If you have any other recipe for DIY Yoga Mat Cleaner, you can also leave a comment below.


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