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Eye of an Architect * Mindset of an Accountant

By profession, I’m an architect. I love all things beautiful. The design of the built environment around me is something I notice, critique, and appreciate when done well. My background is in traditional architecture and neighborhood development with a master’s degree from Andrews University. My current practice is at Jonathan Miller Architects and Design in Knoxville, TN. We specialize in high end residential homes, so naturally I’m involved with beautiful [read expensive] designs and materials. With everyday exposure comes high expectations. An eye for design means tendency towards expensive tastes.

By mentality, I’m an accountant. My CPA father instilled in me at an early age the value of money and the concept of sweat equity. Since I like being in well designed spaces but aim to keep a tight budget, I’ve combined my knowledge of design and desire to save money into a fun on-going project called “Crafting Value”. The subject matter will range greatly as I move through home improvement projects, home decor, fun crafts, and anything I’m working on that I feel adds value to my life and the lives of those around me. I’ll document my process and any helpful tips learned along the way so in the future while tackling similar projects, I can look back and have a starting point to build from. And if others can learn from my insights, great!

I mentioned “those around me”. My main focus is adding value to the life my husband and I share with our dog, Samson, and cat Chase. We’re building a life together on Dave Ramsey’s financial principles and have found our groove in prioritizing what we actually want, focusing on what works best for us, and attaining a happy marriage in order to live out our best life together. Of course with so many dear family members, friends, a great church family that I value, I do what I can to add value to their lives as well and will point out those projects designed especially for them. Enjoy!


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