DIY : Eco Friendly Way To Give Your Old Leather Lounge its Life Back

Does your favourite leather couch has lost all its charm? Does that make you feel you and your room low? Don’t worry we have the solution for you. What if we tell you that you can make your old leather lounge as good as new with things just one kitchen trip away!

Here is an Ecofriendly leather lounge cleaning method for you that will make you feel like the DIY Master! Happy Cleaning!

DIY Ecofriendly Leather Lounge Cleaning Method

First Thing’s First: Give it a good Vacuuming

Use vacuuming extensions to get in the crevices, vacuuming can help in sucking out dust, dirt, pet hair, food crumbs, etc. collected in the deep crevices of your upholstery.

Use a Moist Cloth

Now, work on entire leather surface down with a clean, warm damp cloth to remove all loose, surface dirt. Be gentle and move quickly — water can sometimes discolor unfinished leather and not give you the desired leather upholstery cleaning.

Now that you have done the pre-preparations. You just need the following household items to help you with your leather upholstery cleaning in an eco-friendly manner.

Now, given under is the list of easily available items and how can they come in handy for cleaning your leather lounge as good as new.

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