DIY : Easy DIYs to give your home a beautiful personal touch

Those who have gone through decorators to deck-up their home know, they are expensive and you don’t really get what you want. There’s always something missing. Something personal, that you can say was your idea. Let the decorators do the heavy work. What you can do is give your home the little touches that make a big difference.

DIY is a great way to do that. They are quick, simple and gives you an amazing feeling that you have done your bit for your home.

Stop worrying about how to decorate your home and check out these DIY home décor ideas.

Table Napkins

You know, when guests come over and you bring out your table napkins and they appreciate them and ask you “where did you get these from”? Well, this time you can tell them it’s your creativity.

This one is simple and a great addition to your dining area.

Soak white linen napkins in water or run them under the tap. Squeeze the excess water and lay it flat on the table. Now paint with colours. You can either paint it your way or use objects dipped in paint to create prints. Make sure the paint is kept wet but not too thin.

Once finished, hang them to dry overnight. Iron the fabric to set the paint and place them on your dining table to awe your guests.


Candles are good but how about taking dinner time to a new height of elegance. This is a great way to give your table a classy feel.

What you need is, a couple of wine glasses, a decorative paper and battery operated mini lamps.

Cut out the decorative paper such that it folds to make the shade of a lamp. Glue it carefully without creasing the paper. Now place the battery operated mini lamp in the wine glass. Make sure to switch it on before you place it inside.

Cover the wine glass with the paper share and it’s done. Your gorgeous table lamp is ready. Enjoy an amazing dinner and bask in the light these lamps give out.

Wall clock art

Next time you look at the time, let it remind you how creative you are. This is not an actual clock but a decorative item to embellish your wall.

Even though for some this might be a little outside their comfort zone, so take this up as a challenge.

Take a scrap piece of wood and mark the centre. Now drill through it. Now using a paintbrush, sill your creativity on it. Try and use a contrasting colour according to your wall colour so it stands out.

Leave the paint to dry.

On the other side, take two chopsticks and paint them too, again use a contrasting colour. Once the paint dries, stick them on the wooden board such that they represents the hands of a clock.

Now give it your finishing touches and hang it on your wall or place it on your dresser and lean it against something. Time will stand still when people gaze upon this creative piece, made by you of course.

Well, it is your home after all, so let your décor radiate it. These subtle home decoration pieces can make a big difference. Give these step by step home décor creation ideas a try and sharpen your DIY home décor skills.


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