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Struggling to think of gifts for your loved ones at Christmas this year? Want something sentimental? On a budget? Keep reading for my favourite DIY’s…

Photo by @KariShea on Unsplash
  1. Personalised gifts always touch the hearts of friends and parents.
    Because of this I have a few suggestions for personalised gifts.
  • Personalised Photo Candles
Lyndsey Stanfield on Pintrest
  • Personalised ‘fun’ Photo Frame
Tabitha Blue on Fresh Mommy Blog

2. DIY Products such as lip scrubs and face masks are quick. easy and cheaper to make and obviously the perfect gift for everyone!

  • Yogurt and Honey face masks for all!!
YouBeauty on Pintrest
YouBeauty on Pintrest

3. Looking for something more shop-bought looking?

  • Marble-looking mugs (using nail polish).
Cosmopolitan On Pintrest
  • Microwavable hand-warmers (perfect for this time of year).

None of these ideas spark your interest? Then think of a broad idea and Google it with the abbreviation ‘DIY’ next to it. I can guarantee there is a cheaper, quicker alternative to all of your favourite gift ideas.


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