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Living alone can be quite daunting. You can’t fall back on anyone to help you out, especially if you are on a strict budget and can’t afford to hire help. In between deadlines and tasks to complete nutrition goes straight out the window. We are here to help you stay hale and hearty.

Here are 5 easy breezy breakfast ideas:

  1. Bread and spread — We can see you rolling your eyes, just hear us out. Make sure you stock your pantry with a loaf of bread at all times. Just coat two slices with your spread of choice and you’re all done. If you’re tired of eating just butter and jam opt for other spreads like choco, flavoured cheese, marmalade etc…

2. Cereal Chiller — Even basic cereal tastes good with cold milk. Add a bowl full of cereal, pour in some cold milk, add a dash of sugar, cut up some fruits if you have and enjoy. We kid you not, cold milk and cereal is a match made in heaven.

3. Chapati Corner — Stock up on ready to eat chapati packets, they last for about three days once opened. Don’t bother making sabzi or sides, just use the same spreads mentioned in point 1 and roll your chapati into a fancy desi-me-rollin’-they-droolin’ kind of breakfast.

4. Banana ooh na na — All that you need to do is peel them and eat them, If you’re feeling fancy, cut them up into tiny circles, add a dollop of peanut butter and eat it with a fork. Win-win, fancy and easy breezy.

5. Eggstra yummy eggs — We can hear you already scream ‘What’s so yummy about eggs’? Eggs are the most versatile item in the kitchen, cook them however your mood commands you to. Omelette, hard boiled, sunny side up, scrambled…the options are endless. Eggs are always your saviour.

Now that we’ve given you the ideas, do a quick Google search and whip up a storm in the kitchen.

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