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Door hinge replacement

Doorknobs traditionally come with visible screws aimed at simplifying the installation and removal process. However, there are those that do not have this visible screws as their screws have been hidden using a decorative cover or trim. In such cases, you will find that the screws will still be responsible for holding the doorknob in place, but for you to access them, you will need to first do away with this plate.

If you are looking to replace your doorknob or hinges, you will need a few things:


  1. Safety glasses
  2. A screwdriver with a flat head


  1. A door handle set
  2. Screws

The Replacement Process

1. Start by Getting Rid of the Old Doorknob

You have to start by removing the screws that are holding your doorknob in place. The screws can be found on your door’s interior.

If the cover plate is being held in place by the screws, make sure that you start by removing these ones so as to make sure that the doorknob is loosened. If this is not the case, check whether there is a metal piece accompanied by a small slot on the handle’s side. You can easily remove this metal piece using a clip.

2. Gently Take out the Underlying Plate

You have to pull the doorknob out for you to get access to the underlying plate. Once done, proceed to check for the presence of a hole along the seam’s length. It should be in the region where it comes into contact with your door. Use the screwdriver to remove it from its current position.

3. Eliminate the Old Latch and Screws

Immediately the plate has been removed, you will be able to see the screws that needs to be removed. You can use a power drill to remove them. You will also need to do the same thing for the latch.

4. Install Your New Doorknob and Latch

It may become necessary for you to make some slight adjustments to the backset depending on the kind of door that you are using. Many modern doors are, however, able to accommodate different kinds of backsets.

To install the knob, you will need to reverse the procedure that you followed when uninstalling it. The holes for the new knob should match the existing holes.


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