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Try to make a living, to be right, to have money, to be a good person or maybe not, this is to be alive, it’s part of our journey. Or not? Our parents, girlfriend or boyfriend, friends, colleagues, family, the lady from that coffee next to the office, the people on the market, everybody is thinking the same: in what social boxes am I supposed to fit in? Let’s change our perspective, at least during this article…is there really any box at all?

Thinking outside the so famous box, which I’m not sure where people buy it because I don’t have one with me, is a hype spreading around the world like a virus, psychologically generating even more pressure and stress in our lives like a new obligation to add to our giant pile of obligations as adults in a so called “modern” society. Do you really believe it’s real? Our social sense naturally induces us to believe in something everybody is talking about around each and every corner in the world, instead of inducing us to question about the origins and the meaning of any hype.

When you don’t filter what you hear, read and even your perspective on each experience you go through in life, you end up feeding new false beliefs, urban myths, unnecessary pressure over yourself, and fill the pockets of those in our society who live by opportunities like that, when they can manipulate beliefs to increase their profit. The so called “the box” only exists for those who believe it, and I suggest you to think about the meaning of believing in anything like that in your life. Sure, we all know we have an instinct to make ourselves acceptable to social groups, so we try to fit in psychological boxes, as we also know that this is a psychological mechanism that we choose to feed.

My point here, and in any other article, is to help you think outside your own mind, even for a few seconds, to see beyond your decision patterns, so you will be able to rewrite your own objectives in any aspect of your life to develop your whole strategy, a good one, or at least one you’re fully aware of and that makes sense according your values. Question yourself:

  1. Am I feeling complete and sure about every step I take in my daily life? (no, you don’t not even I, but to be alive is to look for this sense of fulfillment)
  2. Will I be proud of the person I have developed as my true self? (you have to be proud, so you better start to be conscious about it, so you can make more assertive choices)
  3. Do I really have to choose between the options people give to me, or can I define new options in my own terms? (you don’t have to anything, remember, it’s your choice)
  4. What is the price I’m already paying in my life for trying to fit psychological boxes built by others? (oh this is a good question, so have the pleasure to answer by yourself, in our own terms)

I honestly believe that any price is too much to fit our life in boxes built by others. We feel the natural impulse of searching for psychological boxes to fit in, but I truly believe that the healthiest way is ironically to follow another hype, the DIY (Do It Yourself) and make your own boxes and have the life you truly want. And only for curiosity, have you answered my questions by yourself, or you just took mine as your own? Think about it!


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