DIY : DIY x Taft Love Moving Forward Prototype Turnover – Benilde HiFi – Medium

December 14, 2018 — Benilde School of Design and Arts

After being in exhibition at the World Industrial Design Day Exhibit, the prototypes of developed during the DIYxTaftLove workshop were finally turned over to their respective owners. On June 2–8, 2018, Benilde HiFi, in cooperation with Japan Foundation Manila staged a woodworking workshop led by Ishinomaki Laboratory and Habi Edu Labs. The participants were comprised of Industrial Design students of Benilde and members of the Community Partners through the help of the Center for Social Action. The workshop saw through the development of 4 prototypes of furniture that aims to help the community partners’ livelihood.

Via 石巻工房 Ishinomaki Laboratory

The turnover ceremony was attended by members of Benilde HiFi; Center for Social Action director Ms. May Flor Artagame, community coordinator Mr. Arnold Rañada; Benilde Industrial Design chair Ms. Lei Nobleza and Mr. Romeo Catap Jr.; and our dear community partners who received their prototypes.

Melba Laguerta a barbeque vendor from Barangay 739 received 2 modules: the Barbeque Stall, and the Retractable Table. Ryan Bundalian, another vendor from Barangay 752 was unable to come to the awarding ceremony, but was represented by Kag. Liza Montemayor. The prototypes were delivered to their respective drop-off locations, best fit for their livelihood use.

The prototypes will be used by the endorsees for a period of 6 months; after which the prototypes will be assessed for their performance and use. After this check-in, the prototypes will be permanently turned over to them.


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