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From white floors to hand dyed textiles, there are a lot of DIY trends that are making 2018 a real standout year for home design! Personalizing your space and giving your house those unique little touches that really make it a home has never been hotter, so let’s plunge in with some of our faves so far!

Add a mudroom

Entering your home should be like entering your own little sanctuary, and the ritual of shedding outer layers and shoes before you make your way into the house proper is the perfect way to leave the outside world behind you when you walk through the door. It’s also a great way to add a little extra value to your property, so it’s an investment that’s definitely worth making.

Natural wood furniture

Wood has to be the most beautiful construction material out there, so why cover up all the intricate and unique patterns that nature put there with plain paint? Whether you’re investing in new pieces or stripping down your existing furniture to let the natural beauty shine through again, this is a trend we’re sure to see continuing for years to come. Remember once you’ve stripped a piece you should seal the wood with wood stain to help preserve your work and better match the existing décor of the room too!

Create your own colorful backsplash mosaic

This is one really crafty way to add a totally unique touch to your kitchen or bathroom, and it’s an incredibly fun family project too. Large or small, intricate or simple, neutral colors or bright and bold, there’s endless room for creativity with this project — and it makes those walls so much easier to keep clean too! Iridescent and jewel tones work particularly well if you’re wanting to go for a more sophisticated look.

Earthy tones with bright accent pieces

Looks inspired by nature are always popular, and this trend is no different. Think the muted greens and browns of the forest speckled with bright flowers and you’ll see where we’re going with this! Earthy tones are always a great choice for a room that you want to use for various functions anyway, and because accent pieces are so versatile, you can keep coming up with new ways to redecorate without paying a cent.

Hand dyed textiles Shibori-style

The ancient Japanese dyeing technique known as Shibori has been around for centuries, but it’s definitely making a huge come-back this year. There are loads of tutorials available online, so it makes a great family project that absolutely everyone can get in on. Whether you want something as simple as a tablecloth or accent piece for a wall hanging, or want to get more ambitious and turn your work into upholstery or even clothing, this is the year to get your hands a little dirty!

All things green

Green seems to be the color of the year in 2018, with sage, mint and other understated tones especially popular. Last year’s trend of palm prints seems just to be the beginning of this urge to bring the outdoors indoors, and leaf-inspired and muted floral prints for curtains and even upholstery are holding firm this year. Potted plants, especially those known for their ability to purify the air, continue to remain some of the most searched-for items on sites like Pinterest.

White floors

While painted and even wallpapered ceilings have certainly made a comeback, bleached and blanched floors are an excellent way to brighten a room that lacks natural lighting. Bleached floors give your home an instant seaside resort feel, and the slightly ashy color means that you’re free to use whatever colors in the room you feel.

White floor paint is another popular option, and with some remarkably durable and stain-resistant brands now on the market, it can be a much cheaper alternative to tiling or otherwise covering a concrete floor. With chic black and white themes back in style too, this is the perfect starting point if you’re redoing an entire room. And bonus, no more vacuuming required!

Colorful kitchens

All-white and all-stainless steel kitchens are out, and kitchens that pop with bright splashes of color are in! If you already have an all-white kitchen, then this is one of the easiest trends to get in on. Simply repaint cabinets in your favorite bright color, and add splashes of color with bright fridge magnets, dish towels, a well-placed fruit bowl or even that funky backsplash project we mentioned!


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