DIY : DIY Train Table – Ann Cox – Medium

Ohhhhh my goodness, do our boys have a lot of trains. One half of our living room consists of trains. No joke.

We have been trying to get our living room styled the way we want it, and the Rubbermaid drawers full of trains, tracks, and who knows what else just isn’t doing it for us.

Even though in a perfect world, our living room would look like the rooms you see on Pinterest…perfectly clean, perfectly organized. BUT, we have kids….and perfectly clean and organized is just NOT going to happen. (We live here, y’know.)

So I came up with a way to not only store their trains but to give them something other than the floor to build them on. Did I mention it’s pretty; AND a fraction of the cost? I just have to make those Rubbermaid drawers a little prettier…

So here we go:

You will need:

Table saw

Miter saw

Cordless drill


1–1/2″ sheet of 4’X8′ plywood (you only need 1/2, some home improvement stores carry 4″X4″ sheets)



The cost of materials is estimated at $35.00. This is based on the prices at my local Lowes.

Cut List:

1/2″ Plywood cut to 36″X 36″

2–1X4 @ 36″

2–1X4 @ 37 1/2″

4–2X2 @ 17 1/2″

Attach the 17 1/2″ 2X2’s to the corners of your plywood:

Next, starting with the 36″ 1X4’s, attach them to the sides of your table, leaving a 1″ lip along the top of the table.

Finally, attach the 37 1/2″ 1X4’s to the sides of your table, again, leaving a 1″ lip along the top of the table. In the picture below, you notice that I have extra boards around the perimeter underneath. You do NOT need those. I was working with a scrap closet door as my surface of the table and needed a thicker area to attach the side boards.

Now comes the fun part! Painting the legs and the scenery!

Originally, I was going to attach the train tracks to the table permanently and draw the scenery around them. However, I know that my boys will get bored with having only 1 way to run their trains. So I chose to not only draw scenery for trains but to add roads so they can play with their Hotwheels on the table as well. This is what I came up with:

No, it’s not perfect. Yes, my kid’s will probably have a train running through my lake. But that’s okay.

It’s better than them building the tracks on the floor, and leaving them there for me to find at 2 am with my bare feet. And, it’s easier to vacuum around.


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