DIY : DIY Replace the Blend Door Actuator on a Dodge Charger 2014

Replace the actuator

The only tool needed is a right angle screwdriver with torx bit (T20 for the actuator screw).

A aftermarket actuator for my car only sells for less than $20.

An amazing video, “2011–2014 Dodge Charger AC blend door access”, provides all the information I need to access passenger side actuator.

According to various online discussions, the following two bullet points are necessary, but I did not follow.

1. You should turn off your car and disconnect the negative end of the battery.

The negative end of my battery is too difficult to disconnect, so I just skipped. I did my replacement while the car is shut off.

2. After replacing the actuator, you probably need to re-calibrate the actuator so that the computer knows the position and range to adjust the air door.

Most tutorials and forum posts saying only Dodge dealer can do this. However, if you are lucky, some DIYer did succeed without this step. In my case, as soon as I connected and installed the new actuator (before screwing it down), it started operating the air door (I feel this is the auto-calibration). It surprised me, because the car is shut down. To look back, it seems point 1 is necessary to avoid unwanted damage to your air door and new actuator.

Anyway, the AC is magically fixed. It only takes me two hours Googling, less than $30 on tools and parts, and 30 minutes to install.


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