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User-friendly, step-by-step directions are available for laying floors and tile, installing shelves and paneling, making curtains and blinds and creating soft furnishings. The secret of a successful project is not to aim too high on beginning projects. Learn to do simple, low cost projects first. After you build your skills and confidence, move on to bigger projects.

A redecorating project doesn’t have to set off flurries of worry or anxiety. Major remodeling efforts, such as putting up or taking down walls, rewiring electrical systems or adding a room, require at least the advice and counsel of a professional as well as more skills with tools and housing structures. Many decorating update projects, however, require only a commitment, a carefully laid plan and some shopping around for supplies.

Function and comfort are key factors to any project. Consider the way you live. Learn your likes and dislikes in home design. Put possibility thinking to work! Look at ideas that might work for you whether they are current trends or practical DIY investments.

For every DIY project there is a trade-off with time vs. money. Studies have shown that a project that takes a professional contractor 40 hours to do will take an expert amateur 48 hours, someone handy with some experience 60 hours and a beginner 80 hours. Learning to do skills well pays off in real $$$ savings!

Consider your own hourly wage for working on a project. Then figure out how long it will take to complete the project. Compare this cost with the cost of buying new or having the project done by someone else. Other questions to consider are:

Do I have that much time?

Will I like doing it or learn anything from it?

Do I have the skills to do it all?

Do I have someplace to go for advice if I get stuck in the middle of the project? Do I have the tools or can I borrow them?

Do I know what materials are needed?

Can I buy them at a reasonable cost?

Plan carefully. Never rush into a DIY project. The unexpected, unforeseen and unusual can and probably will happen.

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