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Alright Dadzies and Mumzies! We’re excited to bring you another fun craft to try out with your mini-mes. Now that Summertime is upon us and the temperatures are heating up (in the Northern hemisphere, that is), we should all be spending more time outdoors with our cubs. Mumzy encourages you to get out there and soak up some naturally healing Vitamin D while drinking in the fresh air. Disclaimer: That was a figure of speech, but if you interpreted it as referring to having an alcoholic beverage while outdoors, Mumzy encourages you to do so responsibly (wink).

We thought this DIY craft would be great to have our Dadzies tackle with the cubs. It’s a guarantee that spirits will soar with this simple, yet fun kite creation.

Remember to be patient and enjoy your time together. Mumzy’s aim is for you to have quality time while creating both fun crafts and fun memories!

What You’ll Need:

1. Flat, working surface

  • We used a dining table and covered it in extra newspaper so there was no limit on the having of messy fun.

2. Newspaper

  • We let our little ones design and paint their newspaper to put their personal touch on their kites. Geometric shapes (squares, circles, triangles) are easy, but faces, skulls, and simple animals are also fun suggestions.

3. Straight sticks, about 2–3 feet long

  • We used sticks we found outdoors, but, you can use wooden skewers, or any other sturdy material you can find.

4. String and/or ribbon

  • We used thin yarn for the kite string and colorful strips of craft string to create fun tails.

5. Glue

  • We used both a hot glue gun and all-purpose white glue.

6. Spool

  • We used an empty toilet paper roll, but you can use anything cylindrical to roll the yarn or string onto.

How to:

1. Lay out your newspaper and paint it. We suggest doing this a day ahead to allow time for the paint to dry, or be sure to have a blow dryer on hand.

2. Look for sticks. We found a dried out plant in the front yard that had a few stems we were able to use. They weren’t straight, but they got the job done!

3. Use your string to tie and secure the sticks into a cross (looks like a lower-case “t” when done). You’ll want the horizontal stick to be slightly shorter than the vertical stick.

4. String your yarn or string around the ends of the sticks. You can cut small notches into the sticks to help the string stay in place, or you can secure the string with a dot of hot glue like we did.

5. Unfold your newspaper and cut a pattern to match the shape of your kite frame. Make it an inch or two larger than your frame, all the way around, so you can fold the edges over.

6. Spread the newspaper over your stick frame, fold the edges over your string and glue into place.

7. Tie a long string to the kite where the sticks cross. Wrap the remainder around an empty toilet paper roll. The length depends on how high you want your kite to fly.

8. Add decorative tail strings, cut 3–5 pieces of colored string or ribbon and tie at the bottom tip of the stick frame.

9. Head to the backyard, a park, beach, or other open space, and let the wind make your kite soar. Be ready for some heart melting as you watch the smiles spread your little one’s face. ENJOY!

As you prepare to fly your one-of-a-kind creations, remember that kites are not only beautiful, fun, and mesmerizing when in flight, but they can also serve as a safety tool for your little and not-so-little ones, alike. Kites at a beach, park, or other outdoor location, can serve as a marker so your cubs don’t stray too far, or just for the security of knowing where the family homebase is.

Let Mumzy know how your kite creations turn out by leaving us a comment below.

“The soul is healed by being with children.”— Fyodor Dostoyevsky


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