DIY : DIY how to make — How to enjoy a long flight Part 1

Everyone who ever sat in an airplane, knows how uncomfortable the seats are and the feeling, that they’re sitting in a freezer. Here’s some nice hacks, how to enjoy a long flight and how to make it much more relaxed and comfortable.

Hack 1:

Stow a second shirt in your handluggage.

If you’re sitting a long time, without having a shower or going to the bathroom you’ll start to sweat and stink. It’s a good idea to have a second shirt with you, so you can change it and feel a bit fresher.

Hack 2:

Take a warm shirt with you.

The air conditioner in the plane is always 100% on, so it’s pretty cold. In some planes you get a blanket but they’re never big enough to cover you completely, so it’s not a bad idea to have a sweatshirt to feel warmer.

Hack 3:

Be the last to enter the plane.

You’re standing in the line at your gate, waiting to enter the plane, but there’s a lot of people before you, you are standing, eventually moving a couple steps and your feets are starting hurting, getting heavy and you’ve never felt so bored. Wait a minute… does it makes sense? You just have to sit at the gate and wait until everyone entered, then you go. I’m sure the plane won’t leave without you.

Hack 5:

Make the 15 min rule usefull for you.

If you have a problem with sleeping in the airplane, i have the perfect tip for you. The 15min rule: You have 15min for trying to sleep, if you’re still awake, after the 15 minutes, do some other things to distract you a bit, after that you can try to sleep again. It’s better to do the things in the dark or with a dim light. Strong lights will hold you awake, so it’s probably better to let you’re smartphone off.

Hack 6:

The Shampoo DIY.

Last but not least a little DIY. The only things you’ll need are: a straw, a candle, a pincer, a scissor and some liquit soap, or something like this. Step 1: take the straw and cut the riffled part away Step 2: now take the pincer and hold one side of the straw with it, but let a small tip of the straw looking out. With help of the candle you can let the tip melt. Step 3: Now take the liquit soap (i have usen some cream instead) and fill it in the straw, if must not leak on the other side. Step 4: Now you just have to repeat step 2 on the open side an voila, you hold a tiny cream-shell in your hands, so if you’re skin are getting dry, you can open it easily and use the filling.


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