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When Halloween comes around, we run around trying to find the perfect costume for our kids. We, often time, end up throwing something together for ourselves. This year, impress your kids and the other moms with a DIY Queen Bee costume. It’s simple, cute, and even the least crafty of us can do it — we know because we did it!

What You’ll Need:

1. Sheet of gold foil

2. Black pipe cleaners

3. Yellow and black fuzzy craft balls (Base of crown: small black balls; Antennae: 2 large yellow balls; Bee detail for shoes: 2 medium yellow balls and 2 small black balls)

4. Headband

5. Black shirt

6. Pair of shoes (we recommend black)

7. Scissors

8. Glue gun and sticks

How to:

  1. Draw crown shape onto gold foil and cut crown out.
  2. Wrap the paper into a cone to create the crown, making the bottom more narrow than the top.
  3. Glue along the edge.
  4. Cut slits on two sides of the bottom of the crown (wide enough to slide the headband through).
  5. Slide the gold foil crown over the headband, leaving the crown slightly askew.
  6. Glue small black craft fuzzy balls around the base of the crown.
  7. Take two black pipe cleaners and twist the top a few times around your finger to create the antennae.
  8. Glue one yellow craft fuzzy ball to each (curled) end.
  9. Cut out four ovals from your leftover gold foil paper to create wings.
  10. Glue a small black craft fuzzy ball to a medium yellow ball (2x) to make two bees.
  11. Glue each bee body to the wings.
  12. Glue the bees to your shoes.
  13. Pair with a black t-shirt and VOILA — you’re a Queen Bee!

“Creating means living.” — Dejan Stojanovic


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