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I would like to share a hairdressing tip for DIY Hair mask with Aloe Vera with you today. Personally, I have now admittedly no volume problem and Aloe Vera should indeed also have a positive effect on hair growth and strengthen the hair.

For scalp problems or dandruff it can help to put the gel directly on the scalp. I have mixed aloe vera hair mask of fresh gel and coconut oil with focus on the lengths. Keyword “moisture” and so on.

DIY Hair Mask with Aloe Vera

Since I myself am equipped with natural curly and rather dry hair, I have adapted the recipe to my hair structure. The less dry your hair, the less coconut oil I would put in… But before using the coconut oil, we need fresh Aloe Vera gel again.

I bought my leaves at ‘s. If you’re lucky, they’ll be in the fridge during the summer. Alternatively, you can also order from the 4th of August here again * which online.

If you have already prepared aloe vera cubes, you can now just get a few of them from the freezer and thaw them. Alternatively, you can also win the gel directly from the hand

Mix Gel with Oil

After you have extracted the fresh aloe vera gel from the leaf and pureed (or alternatively brought from the freezer), mix with coconut oil. Since we are currently dealing with one of the three days a year, when my coconut oil is already liquid, it does not even have to be heated in a water bath.

I added just as much coconut oil as aloe vera gel. I would do this in your place but really ONLY THEN, if you also have very dry and brittle hair and on the day no further appointments. Just adjust it to your hair structure!

I then mix the two ingredients again fix with a hand mixer and tadaaa:

On my pictures you can see how quickly Aloe Vera oxidizes at the current temperatures and turns pink. Therefore: The best way to bring the mask on the head as soon as possible! And ideally in towel-dried and already combed hair:

Simply leave for 20–30 minutes and then rinse. Whether you wash your hair again with shampoo or only rinse with water, depends largely on how much coconut oil you have given into the mask. Therefore, I would decide that individually.

Soft and supple hair is sure to keep you safe afterwards. I gave you information on DIY hair mask with Aloe Vera on this page. I am going to be with you more tips for hairdressing at incoming days.


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