DIY : DIY Dog House – Ann Cox – Medium

his week’s project was a dog house for our pup, Molly. She’s been primarily indoors, only going out to potty, but since it’s warmer outside (FINALLY), she’s been wanting to stay outside during the afternoon.

Molly needed style…on a budget. And we happened to have scrap wood.

May I present, the Doggie Condo:

We made a box, consisting of 4- 2X2’s cut at 24″.

You will need a total of 16 2X2’s to make 4 sides. We screwed the sides together as shown below:

Next, we cut supports for the sides. We used 2X2’s cut at 21″. For the sides and back, you will need 3. For the front, you will need 2, for a total of 5–2X2’s cut at 21″. The dimensions should now be 24″ X 27″. The 27″ sides are the front and back of the house.

For the door, we measured our dog and made the door to fit her.

Now it’s time for a roof. 6–2X2’s at 22″, with a 30-degree angle. They are 22″ long on the LONGEST side.

For the roof, we cut boards at 22″ X 24″, and screwed them into place. (Ours were not perfect, it’s scrap wood, after all)

Then we added the bottom. The bottom is 24″ X 27″.

Next, it was time to add sides. We started with the back. We cut a piece of 1/4″ plywood at 27″ X 23 1/2″ for the main back piece for both sides. For the top, we used leftover cedar from another project.

Next, we added the sides. We cut 1/4″ plywood at 24″ X 24″ for the main side pieces. The mister went ahead and cut, from some smaller scraps we had, pieces to cover the underside of the rafters, and pieces to cover the rafter tails. The size of those pieces will vary depending on the type of wood/scrap that you use for the roof.

Next, we started on the front. Again, we used leftover cedar for the top.

For the bottom-front pieces, we used scrap 1/4″ plywood. The sizes of these pieces will vary, as the door is tailored to your puppy.

And now it’s time for a roof. We used scrap cedar for the top. We didn’t have any top caps, but we did have a scrap piece of metal. Again, not perfect. It’s scrap after all.

And after a little trim work, and paint…here is the finished puppy condo:

I didn’t make any plans for this project. This is only a tutorial to show that a dog house CAN be made from scrap wood and CAN look fabulous, but you can certainly follow our instructions to make a Doggy Condo for your pup!


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