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DIY Countertops guide

I bought an undermount sink on clearance for $60, originally $290 so that was a great deal. But I wanted to double check just to make sure the template that was included in the clearance sink was the correct one, well it wasn’t. So we just put the sink on the underside of the countertop and made our own template first tracing the outside of the sink and the tracing the inside of the sink by sticking our hands through the drain hole. Make sure you look under your cabinets to measure where the sink should go and don’t go off of your old countertops. We had some wood pieces inside our cabinets we wouldn’t have know about if we had not looked, also if we had gotten the cabinet shop to cut the hole, they would have cut it wrong since the wouldn’t have measured off of our cabinets.

Here’s the link to the full tutorial : Countertops guide

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