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How good was my plan last year?

I am still pumped up with the feeling of having it done — making it through 2018 with no new stash. However, I had a clear plan and a set of rules to lead me in my challenge, and so I want to see, how well I did.

Of course I have begun from sorting out my stash — ✅ Was quite a journey. If you’ve been planning something similar, read my articles Determind and Facing my Past to get some tips and ideas on how to go through such a process.

The plan!

1. Repairing some old beaded jewelry pieces — ✅

There were truely many waiting before the right time comes.

2. Finishing all of the projects from “soon to be maid ideas” or Magic box as I called it— ✅/❎.

I just went half way through because there were too many of them with too little time I gave myself. Have to addmit, the box is not redistributed yet, but I keep taking beads and crystals from there if I need them for other projects.

3. To get one embroidery finished — ❎.

It got as far as drowing the pattern and counting beads I have available. This project did not move any further because I have discovered, the deress needs some adjustment, and so the priority has dropped.

4. Make at least 2 projects for contest — ✅/❎

There was only one poject created for IBA2018, my LELITKA necklace. The reason I didn’t do the second one, is probably because other contests I know are based on buying beads and crystals from new collections, which was unacceptable for me last year. Yet Lelitka was quite a major project, and I feel very content about it.

5. Make new projects using leftover beads — ✅

Half of beaded details for LELITKA necklace were made with leftover beads, also some bracelets and earrings. This idea has kind of soaked my mind, so most of my projects included or were even based on leftover beads. It was great to clean up small packs in my stash.

6. Make some new projects using new shapes of beads — ✅

Even was supposed to happen, while dealing with my “soon to be made” box; however, it has happened when beading LELITKA necklace. When beading projects from my pre-set box, I did use some alternative shapes of Swarovski crystals, but the plan was more about using pressed beads of various shapes. I was very happy to have finally used Pip pressed beads from Preciosa and Dimond pressed beads from CzechMates.

7. Make some projects so beading tool kits can be created for sale — ❎

If the year was longer, and if I had a better time-management skills… No. At this point I have simply realized I want something different, and so I didn’t even bother, even though it may help me clean some more stash.

The point

One of my professors once said, that if your project plan is completed fully and on a set time, there is something done teribly wrong. He was right. Looking now at how well my plan was fulfilled, I don’t feel any disappointment or frustration, but rather something comforting and pleasant. Some life coaches teach you to set realistic goals you can reach, others encourage you to be ambitious. I was ambitious, which feels pleasant, and I have completed more, than if there were no such a plan — this feels very comforting.

I leave it up to you to decide wether I did, or I did not do well. Have a look at your choice, and use it in your own planning because this will be the measurement for your performance.

Happy beading!


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