DIY : Cutting 2. How to Grab a Knife – Jinwan Bae – Medium

I usually use Tina knife.

Here, I will introduce how to grab a Tina knife.

There is not fixed way to grab a knife.

Just as there is no way to hold a pencil and there is no way to write letters beautifully with certain way to hold pencil, there is no specific way to grab a knife.

But let’s see how to hold a knife stable, less wobbly and not uncomfortable in the direction of the blade.

Shall we hold a knife like we hold a pencil?

You can cut it just like you make a line with pencil.

It is the opposite side.

At this time, support the remaining three fingers below the bottom.

The reason to do this is to keep the blade from shaking from side to side and to keep the blade perpendicular to the direction of leather cross section.

In some cases, we cut the leather by tilting the blade slightly to the left of right. But you should cut the leather keeping leather section vertical in the most cases except in special cases.

Then, you can have no errors inside and outside, bonding and sewing, and you can finish cross section well.

If you hold a knife like a photo at the end, it will become a right (?) way to grab a knife.

You should always be careful with the blade.

Knife is a thing handled with care.


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