DIY : Cute DIY Paper Towel Dispenser – sarra – Medium

Crafting is a fun activity that you can do with your friends and a great hobby for kids to teach them a lot of things and keep them busy. I personally like to make simple stuff that we use everyday, so i’m gonna show you how to make a cute paper towel dispenser, it’s super easy!

To make this paper towel dispenser you will need:

-Plastic Container





-Hand Needle and Thread

-Satin Ribbon

-Paper towel

Start gathering your supplies, take an empty clean plastic container, a pen and a ruler.

Use the pen and the ruler to mark 1.5cm horizontally and 10.5cm vertically then connect the dots.

Grab a sharp scissor and carefully cut that part out of the container.

Wrap the fabric around the container and sew it inside out then flip it.

Using the scissor cut the part of the fabric were you made your cut on the container.

For decoration take a red satin ribbon wrap it around the top and make a bow.

Pull out the paper, and that’s it!

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