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What is a traditional Mauser rifle?

Much has been written about the history of military rifles, even more has been written about the turn of the last century big game hunts in Africa and India — I do not intend to repeat them here.

One can develop a strong aversion to wars and the deeds of those men who, today, would be consider psychopaths and poachers, I do share the sentiment. This is, however, about the tool, not the men that have used it. Many millions of people were put to death with a stroke of a fountain pen, yet nobody sane would blame the ink.

One thing is echoing in all of these stories. Mauser was the best rifle action when Argentine, Spain and other countries adopted it, later, Swedish Mausers were considered to be the highest quality rifles ever made, and finally, the 1898 Mauser (Model 98) became the pinnacle of bolt action engineering and are still produced to this day by multiple major manufactures.

Would you say it is un-patriotic to favor Mausers? Well, iconic American Springfield 1903, pre-1964 Winchester 70 and Connecticut-based Ruger M77 are all Mausers.

How good is the Mauser action, specifically when considering the Model 98?

I think the best way to understand it, is to look at Mauser company’s own offering. You can buy a brand new “people’s rifle” M18 (which is not a traditional Model 98) for about $700, or you can get a top of the line Mauser Model 98 for over $9,000. The famous Rigby company will be happy to sell you a custom Mauser 98 action rifles for “as little as” $10,000 and as much as $250,000 as the recent auction of a new 275 Rigby custom rifle has proven.

Yes, Mauser action rifles are really good. Of course, you can spend several thousand dollars on other rifle actions, but it is fair to say that Mauser is dominating the safari hunting bold action market for last 120 years.

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