DIY : Cool Things To Make With Plumbing Fittings & Other Stuff

Using pipe fixtures, fittings and pipes of all kinds, people have come up with some pretty interesting and cool stuff made from plumbing materials. Check out some of these awesome DIY project ideas made with plumbing fixings & things you can make with Brass, PVC or copper pipes and fittings.

Industrial Retro Copper Pipe Table Lamp

Copper Pipe Wine Bottle Holder

Copper Pipe Drinks Dispenser

Ball Pit Made From PVC Pipe & Pipe Insulation

Sand Or Water Table Made From PVC Pipe

Coffee Table Made With Iron Pipe

Retro Wall Lamp Made With Iron Pipe

Rustic Industrial Timber & Iron Pipe Shelf

Vintage DIY Over The Bed Tray Table Made From Galvanized Pipe

Bathroom Towel Rail Holder Made From Iron Pipe

Rustic Industrial Dog Bed

Copper Pipe Heart Decorative Ornament

Iron Pipe Pour Over Slow Coffee Maker

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