DIY : Comedians Find Success Using AMP

Artists and musicians aren’t the only ones who can benefit from using the unique tools within AMP. With the increasing popularity of stand-up specials and podcasts, comedians have also learned to harness the power of Artist Audio Messages (AAMs) to connect with their fans and grow their audiences.

This week we spoke with Drew Miller, Head of Comedy Programming at Pandora, to get more insight into how comedians are finding success using AMP! “Comedians have incredibly multi-hyphenated careers which makes AMP the perfect marketing tool for them. They can use AAMs to promote the latest episode of their podcast, or geo-target the messages to promote tour dates across the country,” explains Miller.

Case in point: Comedian Dan Cummins saw huge growth after running two separate AAM campaigns to promote different projects of his. The first campaign promoted his Pandora exclusive album and included a personal voice message from Cummins as well as a link into Premium Access so fans could listen to the album. This proved to be highly effective with the message reaching 394K listeners with a click-through-rate over 5%, which ultimately resulted in 13K clicks!

His second campaign focused efforts towards driving listeners to his podcast and had similar success. As outlined in a recent article highlighting comedy on Pandora, this particular campaign helped Cummins see a 300% increase in podcast downloads during the first month the AAM was live, jumping from 22K downloads to 88K downloads! Six months later, the podcast garnered almost a million downloads.

As comedy grows on Pandora, comedians should follow Cummins’ lead and take advantage of the AMP tools they have at their disposal. As Miller states, “We’ve already seen great engagement on their Artist Audio Messages (comedians are professional talkers after all) and I’m really excited to get the platform into more of their hands.”

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