DIY : College Halloween Party on a Budget – New Scooters 4 Less – Medium

It’s the middle of October. By now your day is pretty much divided into going to class, studying for midterms, and trying to squeeze food and sleep somewhere in between the two. You haven’t seen your friends in over a week, and all of the sudden you get a text.

Oh No! You just remembered you told everyone you’re throwing a party this weekend but haven’t even started planning for it. You have no costume, no decorations, no food, and most importantly, no money (guess all those late night McDonalds do bite back eventually). Well worry not dear friend! We have taken the time to put together some super spooky ideas for the perfect Halloween party that will allow you to keep your Chipotle money.

First Step: Decorations.

In order to have a successful party you need to set the mood right. It is also a time-consuming process, so we advise you tackle this part first. The easy way to do this is to go to your local Halloween store and buy house decorations. Other stores, such as Walmart, Target, and various dollar stores, may also offer a decent variety of Halloween decor. Another way to do this, a more creative, environmentally friendly, cost efficient way — Do It Yourself.

Cruising the web, you will be able to find some incredibly creative and easy ways to make to make your party stand out with Halloween decor. We’ve hand-picked some awesome ideas to highlight and get your muse going.

We can all agree that no Halloween party is complete without pumpkins.

Don’t leave your wall blank. Easy to make Yarn Spider-Webs are a great way to create the ultimate haunted atmosphere.

Your used milk jugs may come in very handy too.

Bloody Hand Print for those who think the mirror is a safe place to linger around.

Make a good use out of your paper towel and toilet paper rolls with these fun ideas!


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