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Research, planning and development plays an important role in our day-to-day life projects, no matter if we’re working on a software or we’re working on a household project. When we plan to take care of our home projects on our own, that’s the time when we have so much of responsibilities on our head, especially when it’s about the rooftop shingles. With proper planning of getting, a new shingle roof installed in the home doesn’t need so much of efforts and stress. Setting up the real expectations and contacting with the roofing contractor reduces your stress to half as they take the project in their own hands and manage it on their own. However, before you start working on the project make sure that you’ve maintained a checklist of the needful.

Here is a checklist of 11 things to consider before roofing work starts.

1. Storage and Material Delivery

Storing all the material at one place is a tough job. No one wants to see a lot of material in front of their eyes the moment they enter the home. Make sure that you’ve created enough storage space before getting the material. The storage space for the material matters more as it needs to be stored properly because any damage in the material can costs you double that time.

2. Cleaning the Mess

One of the toughest part of replacing a spring shingle roof is the tear off the old roof and cleaning up the mess that is present on the surface. Cleaning up the roof is very important and should be at your top priority, for the cleaning process of the rooftop, you may need a dumpster, dump trailer, or an old pickup truck can also work in the place of dump trailer. All these can help you in the cleaning process, also try not to ignore the debris because you’re going to find it in a large amount.

3. Picking up the Nails

Picking up each and every nail can be quiet stressful, but do make sure that you’ve picked up all the nails that are present on the area of working or else it can cause harm to the workers and you as well. There are approximately 10,000–12,000 nails used on an average sized roof holding down the shingles. Picking up all of them can be done smartly and easily by using the large magnets on wheels. The time you’ll visit to the hardware shop you can buy these magnets or lese you can rent them as well for a single time usage.

4. Parking Area for Crew

When you plan for installing a new rooftop, you’ve to think from every point. For installing a shingle rooftop you need an entire crew which can install your rooftop in a single day. When you hire people to install it for you, you’ve to make sure that you’ve managed the right space for their trucks. Finding out the parking space can be tricky especially when you’re living in an area with the limited parking space. Make sure before fixing a date for rooftop that you’ve managed the parking space for the entire crew.

5. Power supply

Power supply matters more when the rooftop installation is going on as it helps the machines to work. So, in this case you need to investigate about few things that is, does your home provide outside outlets for power tools and air compressors? If so are they on a switch that needs to be turned on? Do they have ground fault interrupters? What would the game plan be if an air compressor trips the breaker in your fuse box while you are at work? These things are worth investigating, if you need a successful installation of your spring top.


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