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Ceramic subway tiles marked their debut in the tile industry back in the 20th century. Ever since they have been predominantly the favored ones for kitchens and baths. With numerous benefits to deliver, ceramic subway tiles have endured through time and endorsed by homeowners and designers for generations. They have always been in fashion and will continue to be the show-stopper.

From just a kitchen and bath highlighter, they soared to spaces like mudrooms, laundry rooms, and even fireplaces. Their versatility and appeal reflect in the endless design arrangements that can be installed on the walls. Ceramic subway tiles are like building blocks; you can have the same set of tiles installed with different orientations for some spectacular patterns. The all-white or neutral layout may be classy for many, and for others a monotonous arrangement. Add character to the plain wall, place a few motif tiles within a wall of neutral subways, and voila!

Ceramic subway tiles are available in a wide range of mind-boggling colors and finishes which consort well with your choice of decor. Peruse the options and comprehend the one which admirably suits your taste and budget. The price starts around $2 per square foot for a budget field tile and rises as high as $10 (or more) per square foot for a fancy tile. They are resilient enough to take heat, stains, and moisture, and still maintain their charm. Also, the colors don’t fade away when exposed to light.

You must quantify your tile requirement after an orderly measurement of your project space. It is advisable to add an extra 10–15% to cover breakage and cuts to the number of square feet of tiles to order. Visit multiple websites to search for your favorite ceramic subway tile and also to find out the best tile and shipping rates. Before buying, order samples, as the color and finish of the actual tile usually looks different on screen. Samples give you the privilege to match the color scheme of the space where the tile installation is proposed.

DIY is the new trend! You can consider a DIY rather than hiring a tile contractor. But to undertake a DIY project, you need to do your homework. Also, it demands some amount of skill and lots of patience. Do an extensive analysis of ceramic subway tiles and explore all possibilities relating to their installation. Familiarize yourself with the whole process by watching videos and reading articles. You can also take help from the local hardware shop at the time of purchasing the raw materials. A step by step guide will aid in a flawless laying of tiles. Do not start the job till the time you are assertive to begin.

Avoid choosing a grout that is in contrast with the subway tile, as the chances of showing imperfections in a DIY increases, so stick to a matching or neutral grout. On the contrary, many homeowners feel safe and relaxed paying a professional to finish the job. The knowledge and experience they possess in their field of expertise isunmatched by a homeowner.

A long-lasting tile job is supported by an impeccable installation. Ceramic subway tiles should be laid straight and flat, as even a single bump can lead to a cracked tile. Whatever be the selected pattern, it must be spared from any awkward cuts. The number of tiles required for horizontal and vertical placement must be calculated in advance to have uniform joints and a coordinated look. At the time of installation, the surface ought to be free of dirt, oil, old grout or adhesive. Non-glazed ceramic subway tiles are easy to maintain in comparison to glazed tiles which need a little more deep cleansing.

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