DIY : Carista and Connected Car Technology — The Inside Scoop from a cutting edge Company

One of the first things to note about connected technology is that it is not just one thing. It is, in effect, about the entire span of human mobility.

This may seem a little grand, but it covers the setting up of infrastructure, the taxing and tolling of it and the overall maintenance of that system. It is possible to see just how far cars have come in terms of technology by simply looking at your dashboard and comparing it to a car of twenty years ago.

And that’s before you look under the hood. You car is looking more and more like a mobile computer, or even lots of them.

Let’s start small and build up. The main connection between Carista and your car is through an OBD2 adapter. That adapter was initially installed in your car for emissions regulations. It now effectively allows Carista to talk to your car.

The current Carista OBD2 adapter is, even now, becoming outdated. The amount of sensor data in your car today is far deeper than it was, even five years ago. If you go to a garage the mechanic will not hit anything with a hammer, he will just attach it to a computer. Diagnose the issue, order a part and tell you when to come back, or put a new one in, if he/she has it in stock.

For electric vehicles and hybrids you can connect Carista too, For pure EV there is a different adapter type.

OBD2 is our connection point, but the app is in the phone. OBD2 based companies need to investigate different connection methods with fully electric vehicles (something our tech team will address in 2019). Fully electric vehicles are even more suited to connecting with electronics than mechanical (combustion driven) cars.

The overall scope of IOT (internet of things) brings mobile communications technology to many aspects of your daily commute. Can you live without Google Maps? Would you want to go back to navigating by road signs alone? Do you want to manually tune the radio or remove your parking sensors?

We will be taking a deeper look at connected auto technology over the coming months, taking you on a journey through some of the tools you might use to talk to your car. We will also get our tech team’s opinion on various aspects of this great change in how we move.

We are going to start the next post with our partner App, Dash, a company which is at the forefront of connected vehicle technology.

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