DIY : Car failure does not matter, ten strokes teach you easy emergency

When traveling, or on the way to and from work, there are often car glitch. In the case of temporary spare parts supply and urgent need, we must learn to solve it ourselves. DOCA car start-up power supply provides ten kinds of emergency repair methods.

1. The inlet and outlet hoses are broken.

When the rupture is not large, the leaking area may be wrapped with a cloth coated with soap; if the rupture is large, the rupture of the hose may be cut off, and a bamboo tube or iron tube is placed in the middle and tied with a wire.

2, the fan belt breaks

The broken belt can be tied with iron wire or the vehicle can be driven away by opening and stopping.

3, screw hole slider

A screw hole slip can cause oil leakage or loosening of the connecting rod, making it inoperable. At this time, the original screw can be flattened with a hammer, so that the two sides expand and increase and then fasten, but it cannot be disassembled many times and will be repaired at the next power plant

4, fuel tank damage

When the motor vehicle is in use, it is found that the oil tank leaks oil. The oil spill can be wiped clean, and it is temporarily blocked with soap or bubble gum. It is better with epoxy resin adhesive.

5, tubing rupture

When the tubing is broken, wipe the cracked area, apply soap, wrap it around the tubing with a cloth or tape, and tie it with wire, then apply a layer of soap.

6, the tubing is broken

When the tubing is broken, you can find the rubber or hard ice cream machine plastic tube that is compatible with the diameter of the tubing. If the socket is not tight enough, the ends of the wire are tied tightly to prevent oil leakage.

7. The cylinder head has sand holes and leaks oil and leaks.

According to the size of the sand hole, the electric fuse for the corresponding specification can be selected, and the hammer can be gently put into the sand hole by hand hammer to eliminate oil leakage and water leakage.

8, oil pipe joint oil leakage

When the vehicle is used, such as the oil leakage of the engine oil pipe joint, the oil pipe flare and the oil pipe nut are not sealed.

The cotton yarn can be wrapped around the lower edge of the horn, and the tubing nut and the oil pipe joint can be tightened; the bubble gum or maltose can be chewed into a paste and applied to the mouth of the tubing nut to be sealed and dried.

9. The diaphragm or oil pump diaphragm is broken or broken.

The diaphragm can be taken out and removed, and the saw blade is formed by the original shape and size with rubber board, insulating bakelite or plastic cloth, and polished.

10, valve spring break

After the valve spring is broken, the broken spring can be removed, and the broken two segments can be reversed and used. You can also find a 1 mm thick iron sheet, cut into a disc 1 mm larger than the diameter of the spring, cut a circular hole inside, the diameter is less than 4 mm in diameter, and the outer edge is cut into 4 mm long slits every 6 mm. After that, fold one piece every other piece to form a double-sided spring seat groove, and then put the spring turn head into the iron tank to use.


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