DIY : CalClock Displays Your Calendar Sans Distractions – Hackster’s Blog

As you go through your day, you may find the need to check your phone constantly to see if you have any appointments… Then perhaps you glance at Facebook, Instagram, or, entirely breaking your concentration on the task at hand. But what if there was a way to see what’s on your calendar at a glance without going through this phone-distraction process, while still allowing you to coordinate events automatically?

Well, now there is, in the form of calClock from hacker “samvanhook.” Its simple interface consists of a clock mechanism with physical hands, and a wooden face behind it with 24 light-up segments. Depending on if and what’s on your calendar, these segments glow the appropriate color via individually-soldered WS21812B RGB LEDs, letting you track your schedule at a glance without other distractions.

This unique clock is powered by a Raspberry Pi Zero W, along with a readily available clock mechanism to operate the hands. A model of the clock face can be viewed here, code is available on GitHub, and these instructions show how to set things up with Google Calendar for proper updates. Finally, a short clip of the face being CNC-cut is shown in the video below.


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