DIY : Building a Terrarium Part 1 – Aidan Sturdivan – Medium

In my free time I have been gathering materials to put together a live terrarium. There are many steps and processes I have had to go through before even starting to build it.

The first step is gathering all of my materials. For the terrarium I’m constructing I will need around 10 pieces of flat cork bark, a large variety of plants, spray foam, silicone, substrate, and a false bottom. These are the bare minimum items needed. In the one I am building I will also need a water filter, mini plastic pots, and springtails and isopods.

First, I have to start by using rubbing alcohol to clean the tank. After that, I need to arrange the pieces of cork bark in a way that I like on the back of the aquarium. Once this step is complete I use the spray foam to keep the cork bark in place of the background. Then you have to let the foam cure for around 24–48 hours. Once it is cure I have to use a razor blade to shape and remove to the top layer of the foam so that the silicone has something to adhere to. Now I will use a caulk gun to evenly spread the silicone to every visible spot of the foam. After this I will immediately add a mixture of coco fiber and sphagnum moss to the silicone and add pressure so that it sticks. Then let it dry for about 24 hours the use a shop vac to remove all excess coco fiber and clean bottom of tank.


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