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Building a pergola yourself with our pergola building instructions PDF — Is the construction of a wooden pergola even for laymen feasible.

Difficulty: Beginner Duration: 8 hours Persons: 2

Build your own pergola — Instructions

Step 1: Before you start….
Step 2: Cut wood
Step 3: Mounting the turntables
Step 4: Attaching the rafters
Step 5: Fastening the beams

Thanks to the Pergola Guide, you can transform your terrace into a bucolic place, watch the rise of the wisteria or protect yourself from the sun under a pergola canvas….
This dream can become reality, because building a wooden pergola is not a problem. You can be inspired by online plans or change a basic construction according to your wishes.


The most suitable installation for a wooden pergola is on a terrace (paved, tiled or wooden).

There are two types of pergolas that are mounted on a façade and those without vertical support. Both are composed of the following elements:

4 posts fixed to the ground by means of floor plates;
4 metal plates (and associated screws) anchored to the ground and used as a base for the posts;
2 rafters in front of and behind the pergola supporting the frame;
Beams (every 50 cm) that rest vertically on the rafters and form the scaffolding: their number depends on the length of the pergola, but also on what you want them for (to obtain climbing plants, a hanging blind, etc.);
You can go beyond the structure, depending on the style you want.
Attention: Depending on the size of the pergola, especially its height, and depending on the municipality, a building permit may be required, ask for information.


  1. Carefully determine the location of the pergola, depending on the configuration of your home and garden, you must consider its future use and the shade it will provide when it is covered.
  2. Draw the plan of your pergola so that you can assess the need for wood and anticipate problems. If you prefer, you can easily find maps online.
  3. Make sure you have the necessary equipment.
  4. Ask for help, being two won’t be too much.
  5. Take into account the dimensions of the pergola and accurately record the position of your posts on the ground.


Report on the pieces of wood, the height of the posts, the length of the rafters, the width of the beams, all according to your plan or the pergola kit.
Cut the pieces of wood with a saw.
If you want to protrude from the rafters and/or beams, plan them at the time of cutting.
Cutting the rafters and postsCutting the rafters and posts


Place the plates on the floor where they are to be fastened.
Use a pencil to locate the fixing holes.
Drill the holes in the ground for fixing the plate connected to the 1st post, they must have a diameter that matches that of the dowels.
Insert one pin per hole.
Screw the plate onto the floor.
Slide the rod into the plate.
Use the pencil to locate the screw holes.
Drill with the appropriate drill bit.
Use the screwdriver to attach the rod to the plate without tightening all screws.
The same applies to the other 3 contributions.
Check the verticality of the mast, then you can tighten the screws that fix the pole plate.


Be careful, from this stage on you will have to climb and work on a stepladder:

Place a rafter on the 2 posts that limit the length of the pergola (and flat).
Drill and drill 4 holes through the rafter with the appropriate drill that points to the 4 corners of the mast profile.
Screw one screw into each of the holes.
The same applies for the attachment to the other post as well as for the second post and rafter attachment.
Mounting the pergola


Distribute the beams (at the edge) evenly along the rafters.
Track their positions, remove them.
Drill 2 holes in the rafters that are aligned and centered at the location of each beam.
Fasten each beam one by one from the bottom of the rafter.


If you do not plan to climb plants, choose outdoor treated wood.
If not, leave the wood free and wait until the vegetation has covered it.


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