DIY : Build This DIY Portable Photo Booth to Create a Buzz at Your Next Party or Event

Despite the ubiquity of selfie-capable smartphones, dedicated photo booths are always still a hit at events like weddings and fundraisers. Something about the experience of you and your friends posing with props just can’t be replicated with an app. You have a lot of options if you’ve ever wanted to build your own photo booth, but Buzz looks like one of the easiest ways to make a portable version.

Buzz is intended to run on a Raspberry Pi paired with a touchscreen display and webcam, but it should work on just about any system. That’s because it’s built on Electron and React, and is installed with Yarn. Yarn is a great cross-platform package installer and manager, similar to APT and NPM. Electron is a cross-platform development package based on JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, and React is a popular UI JavaScript library.

All of those are part of the Yarn package manager, so installing Buzz is as simple as running a few Yarn commands on your Raspberry Pi. The underlying Buzz code should be OS agnostic, but the interface has been designed specifically for Raspbian. Once everything is installed and configured, just hook up your display and webcam, and setup a Gmail account to use for sending the fun photos you take!


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