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Get serious with your rig with D’Addario’s Pedal Board Products and Cascio Music

“Say goodbye to messy, unreliable wiring and say hello to custom cut cable lengths to best suit your needs.”

Not all guitarist are pedals junkies, but those who are know that assembling the perfect pedal board is a process (sometimes never ending) that needs to be juuuuust right. New pedals are hitting the market everyday, so a pedal board is constantly in a state of flux. So how are you going to keep your board organized and ready for your next session?

Around here at Cascio Music, we’ve found a pretty unique way to keep your board tidy while giving you the flexibility to make changes on the fly. Enter D’Addario pedal board DIY power cables and audio cables.

In short, the DIY cable packs allow you to cut power and audio cables to the exact size you need and install a power tip or audio tip without having to break out a solder.

What’s the point?
You can easily find all types of cables to assemble a pedal board — but let’s be honest, if you want a custom board assembly, DIY cables are the best solution. Maybe you have a wide range of pedals in uncommon positions, the DIY cable kits can make it all work for you. Non-pedal junkies need not apply!

Here’s the breakdown…

DIY Solderless Pedalboard Power Cable Kit

This solder-less power cable kit is the ultimate tool for organizing your pedal board. The kits are as simple as cutting your cable to length, putting the cable into a plug end and screwing in the plug. It allows you to create whatever length cords you would like. The kit comes with 20′ of cord, and 12 plugs, allowing for six different length cables to be made. It also includes a screwdriver, cable cutter and cord tester.

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DIY Solderless Pedalboard Cable Kit

The pedalboard cable kit is very similar to the power cable kit, in that you create your own custom cables based on your setup. This kit comes with 10 feet of cable, 10 right angle plugs and a mini cable cutter. With the two cable kits, you can create your own perfect custom setup.

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One more bonus…

Chromatic Pedal Tuner

D’Addario had more than just DIY cables in mind when they jumped into the pedal board world. Their chromatic tuner features incredibly fast note detection, accuracy and a wide calibration range. The full color display allows for quick, intuitive tuning anywhere you play!

Our experts love the narrow profile and super sturdy construction, making it a natural fit on almost any pedal rig.

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What do the pros think?

We talked to our Guitar Expert Al Reitman about these new cable kits and he thinks they are a great idea.

“This is the perfect answer for the discriminating pedal enthusiast because you’re able to make custom length cables to fit your individual needs,” Reitman said.


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