DIY : Best DIY ideas for this Christmas and New Year! – Anton Vinogradov – Medium

New Year’s Eve is the last and also the biggest night of a year. You should gather your family and friends together and throw a big party to say farewell to this year. In order to make this night memorable, you should prepare some fabulous DIY decorating ideas to dress up your party to make it sparkling. If you have no idea how to decorate, then you just need to remember to make everything glitter. Glittering table setting, star garland, golden balloons, spray painted bottles, champagne…let every bit of these spark! In order to have a nice New Year’s eve party, but also not break the bank, there are many Christmas ornaments that can be reused. You just need to give them some new year’s spirit. Take a look at these fabulous ideas together!

Fluffy snowman
Amazing homemade flowers
Pretty cheap decorations
Greeting card


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