DIY : Beautiful Craft Ideas for Your Garden You Should Check Out This Spring

Spring has sprung and with it has come the blooming of beautiful flowers throughout much of our gardens. It’s usually this time of year that people seek out beautiful decorations to add to their flower beds and gardens. Why spend extra money on expensive garden décor when you can make your own? This will give your garden an individualized touch and allow for your creativity to shine throughout your garden.

DIY mosaic stepping stones

Probably the easiest and most popular garden craft project on the internet, these beautiful mosaics stepping stones are a beautiful addition to any garden or landscape. Many people are using broken dishes and other glass materials for the mosaic in their stepping stones. Simply cover the bottom of a round plastic container with the broken glass of your choice and fill with cement. Let the cement harden and remove from the container, and you have created these awesome stepping stones for your garden.

Broken planter fairy garden

All of us have broken flower pots lying around at some point during the spring and summer months. Don’t toss these in the trash when you can create fun and beautiful fairy houses and fairy gardens. This is another craft that seems to be trending all over the internet. Super easy and fun to make. Even the kids can get in on this craft.

DIY bird feeders

This is one craft that can literally be made of anything. Recycled drink bottles, broken dishes, teapots, and even drink cans. There are literally hundreds of instructions to make bird feeders out of recycled products that are found all over your home. Have a rainy day and the kids are bored? Pull out the craft supplies and see what they come up with. You may be surprised at just how amazing these DIY Bird Feeders turn out to be.

DIY butterfly feeder

Just like the birds feed, a butterfly feed can be made from recycled materials. Instead of using plastic containers, these butterfly feeders are made of round yet semi-flat surfaces. You want just enough depth in the item to add about a half inch of liquid. There are several different recipes for natural butterfly feeders. There is a risk to attract bees as well as butterflies in a butterfly feeder so place it with caution. Such a feeder can make a beautiful natural addition to your garden.

Recycled bird house

As mentioned above, you can make pretty much anything out of recycled materials. This includes birdhouses. Just as easy as bird feeders with just as many ideas online. If its waterproof, secure, and is big enough for a bird to make a nest in, it will make a perfect birdhouse. You can decorate these with virtually anything. Keep in mind that when using glues, paints and other chemicals, you want to ensure they are completely dry, and nowhere the birds can ingest anything that may harm them.

Painted rock friends

Finally, there are painted rock friends. This garden craft is exactly what the name says. Simply use rocks of any shape and size, clean them and paint them to create any creature you want to have in your garden. This is the perfect craft for children of any age and can last for many years to come.


There are many more possibilities all over the internet when it comes to crafts for your garden. With just a little inspiration and a bit of free time, you can create beautiful garden décor that will not only spruce up your garden and flower beds but can even boost your homes curb appeal. A fun and relaxing win for everyone.


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