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How I packed beads for my next trip.

If you are a dedicated or even addicted beader, you probably have your beads packed before your bags when leaving for a trip. And I can bet, you’d take more projects, than you’ll be able to make. Well, I cannot speak for all, but this is definitely true for me. In the next two articles I’d like to share with you, how I choose my projects and pack my beads when traveling.

I came up with a rule of “double and half”.


It will take you double the time to finish your project. No, of course not because you’re slow or less skilled, but because you’ll constantly have some kind of destructions, which consumes more time then we think. Your beading won’t be as sequent as it can be at home or your studio. Even if you take a long ferry or a flight, each time you need to take a break, you’ll have to pack your materials so they don’t become a bead soup, thus you’ll need time to set your temporary working space over and over again. Just think about it.


Acknowledging high probability of constant and frequent distractions leads to my half rule.

When packing, I put all of the projects I’d like to and/or have to finish on my table, take a good look at them, and then decide which half will stay at home. Projects of high priority will be taken (like a gift, needed to be finished on time, for example, or something I want to finish before pre-holiday season madness begins, or something else), the rest will stay. Usually whatever is left makes about a half of my initial choice, which is why the name.


Let’s say you are leaving for about 10 days. See how much you can make in this period when at home. Be honest with yourself. For me it can be couple of bracelets, depending on how complicated they are to make. So I’d take the next two bracelet projects I’d like to bead to decide, which one will travel with me. Then I’ll think about what conditions will be during the trip, and how convenient it will be to work on each project. This is the next most important factor after deciding on priority of each project. The one with higher priority and easier to bead will be packed and taken as a project for my trip.


I found that traveling is a great time to finish your UFOs (unfinished objects). Why? First, because most of the project is already done and it won’t take as much time to finish it. Second, because most probably you’ll need fewer types and/or colors of beads to take. Third, you won’t be distracted by other possible beading projects simply because you won’t have other beads to experiment with, which why the only option you’ll have is to finish this project you’ve taken. And trust me, the feeling of having finished — at last! — something you’ve had lost somewhere deep in your boxes since long ago is truly precious.

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