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Perfect project to take with you

So how to decide, which project is better to take with you, when going for a trip? In my previous article I have offered a way how not to take too many projects with you. One of the most important criteria’s is to choose one most suitable project. But how to decide which one is the one?

Here is my guideline to pick up right project before your travel.

  1. Less complicated

– simple ornament — it is much harder to follow a pattern with many different details, colors and bead types because of many and constant destructions, which most probably will happen. Imagine how much time will be wasted on getting back on track in your beading. Minimizing this time will make beadweaving much more pleasant.

– more complicated project means more beads and probably tools needed. If you’ll travel by plain for example, you won’t be able to take pliers, scissors and thread finisher, as they are not allowed on board. By the way scissors can be easily replaced with nail clippers, much easier to handle on road. If you still prefer the project, which requires work with pliers, do that part at home first if possible.

2. Easy to transport.

– easy to pack and to unpack — it will be much more convenient to work with your project in less comfortable conditions. Today you can find plenty of different boxes comfortable for transporting beads and necessary tools.

– does not require many types/colors/sizes of beads — the more colors and types of beads you need, the more little boxes you’ll have to take, which definitely will make it more complicated to set your little work space. Not to mention it will require bigger mat, this bigger spot for work, therefore it will limit you and slow you down significantly.

3. Fully prepared

– have all beads and components necessary for your project prepared. Make sure you have purchased all beads, components, clasps, threads and needles, which you’ll need for your project. As for clasps, I usually take couple of options, for just in case. You won’t have time to look for them, and even if you do, you may not be able to find what you need.

– have all tools ready. Make sure you take enough needles, as they tend to break easier, especially when you are at less comfortable work space. Think your project through to see, if you’ll need any pliers or some other tools.

At the end I’d like to mention one more time, that UFOs (unfinished objects you’ve long forgotten about) are the best projects for travel. Most of it is already done, you definitely won’t be destructed from it by other possible project you may begin, inspired by beautiful beads and crystals you find, and you’ll feel happy and relieved once you have one of them finished. Just think about it.

Happy beading!

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