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Decorating Christmas tree

Garlands! In old days my grandma would pull out just a couple of beautiful garland made with thin glass beads. I think she had them as long as she remembered herself. Well… at least from the times after WorldWar II. They were the most precious in the whole box of Christmas decorations. For me they sure were. End of 20th century brought us big fluffy garlands, which look beautiful and rich, but not as elegant as retro bead. My grandma has left us since long ago, but I can still remember her eyes shining with admire, when putting these old-fashion bead-strings on her Christmas tree.

Maybe it’s because I missed her so much, I’ve decided to make something similar of my own One day. It’s easy, and I’m sure you’ll love it too.


This garland is really easy to make. The idea came to me, when I didn’t know what to do with a few packs of sequins. And of course I had some beads, I wanted to get rid of.

This garland won’t take much time to make. You just string 1 sequin after each bead on a thicker thread. I’ve used 0,5 mm fishing line.

You can play with number of beads between sequins. Increasing the number from 1 to 3 or more beads, you’ll create more interesting garland with a changing sequins density.

You can even create some kind of a pattern switching colors of beads or combining bugle beads with round seed beads after each sequin — this is up to you and to what you have available.

Spiral rope.

Here I have used frosted orange seed beads — a very unfortunate purchase — and 7mm Czech bugle beads from the times I’d buy any beads I see in as much as possible amount just because they were so rare to find.

To begin with: First of all attach your thread to a double split ring or a regular split ring, or just creat some kind of a loop, so you can use it later for a better fixation on your Christmas tree.

Step 1: Pick 5 seed bead 11/0 (sb11) and 1 bugle bead 9mm (bb9), once again pass forward through all of added sb11.

Step 2: Pick 1 sb11, 1 bb9 and pass up forward through last 4 sb11 added in previous step and 1 sb11 added in this step. Your new added bb9 should be next to the bb9 added in previous step.

Step 3: Repeat the previous step. Again your newly added bb9 should be next to the one added before. Continue to beading like this until you get necessary length or use up all of your beads.

They are fast and easy to make, since there is no complicated pattern to follow and just a few bead types to use. And the beads, which won’t look as fashionable in jewelry, will decimate do well in your decos for Christmas.

I really appreciate your support! Sure give this article a 👏🏻 and if you are interested in my creations, follow me @Ofbeaddesigns on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can find my patterns on Etsy.


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