DIY : As It Turns Out, Toasters Make Pretty Good Submarines!

YouTuber Peter Sripol is well known for his knack for turning just about anything into an RC vehicle. William Osman has a YouTube channel full of videos of his zany electronic creations. So, when the two makers came together to collaborate on a project, it was practically guaranteed to be interesting. The toaster-turned-RC-submarine that they built certainly lives up to that guarantee.

If you’re wondering why they would do that, you’re asking the wrong question. The whole point here is how they were able to accomplish it. There isn’t any trickery here — like a submarine that just looks like a toaster — they started with a normal two-slice toaster that you can find in the home appliance section of any department store. Even after all of their modifications, it can even still toast toast, so long as it’s had time to dry out first.

The first step was to add propulsion, which was done with regular old DC motors. Apparently those work underwater, but the RC receiver and motor controllers still had to be sealed in a watertight box. There is one motor for the main propeller, a servo for the rudder, and two small motors with propellers to push the toaster up and down in the water. After attaching those with copious amounts of hot glue, they used some fishing bobbers to make it close to neutrally buoyant. The finished submarine performs surprisingly well, and is able to move about a pool like an RC submarine should!


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