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The Rise of the DIY (Do-it-Yourself) Culture in India!

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Do-It-Yourself or DIY as it’s popular acronym is a trend that is fast catching up in India. This has a lot of western influence to it because in the western countries DIY is a very common practice due to the unavailability of easy & cheap labour. Be it woodworking, painting or household maintenance work like plumbing, gardening, cleaning, etc almost everything has to be done with the use of machines. In India, metro & tier-I cities have started to face the heat of workforce scarcity already. Also, DIY is a very popular way to refresh yourself. It’s seen that anyone who has at least one extra DIY hobby is 20 times more creative & productive at the workplace. Keeping this in mind Toolsvilla has launched a series of exclusive DIY Tools under its DIY Category which is helping in automating a lot of manual work for our customers. Right from painting, welding, gardening to floor cleaning & automobile maintenance we have tools for almost every need. DIY Tools are economical in comparison to the industrial tools. Also, they are mostly portable which makes them very easy to use. A lot of brands like Makita, Kisankraft, Dongcheng & several other imported companies manufacture products keeping the DIY needs on the mind. Our YouTube channel is named DIY India as we love DIY.

So When Do You Plan to DIY?

Also, if you are a DIYer please share your DIY story. We will love to share that through our blog & YouTube channel to inspire others.

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