DIY : Antique and Vintage designing still remains a favourite- #1.1

The challenging part in designing a room in vintage style is striking a balance between an elegant home of the past so that it doesn’t come off looking like it belongs in Grandma’s house!

The influence of the Portuguese in Goa, has a unique blend of design and architecture that cannot be found anywhere else. Yes, the Portuguese have used certain elements from their culture while doing it, but the style remains solely to the climate and availability of certain materials that was/is found solely in Goa. Today it’s a mix of old world European antique and mid-century modern. But we’ve managed to keep it well alive and interesting.

At the moment, the Chesterfield sofa remains a favourite when designing an interior space for industrial with vintage interior design. I’ve even begun designing and manufacturing these sofa’s myself due to the sudden exuberant rise in price for the item.

Victorian Chesterfield Sofa used in a Vintage décor setting. (Image Credits: Homebnc)

A good interior space connects with you emotionally. It makes you feel happy to be there and you are more likely to be in a great mood. A happy mood implies that your work will be done well and you’ll probably have a satisfactory day!

Here are some tips to incorporate into your own design. Using a bit of design sense and aesthetics, I’m pretty sure you’ll pull if off well (Wink!)

Stick to well made antiques: The key pieces that help cement the vintage feel in your home in the use of gorgeous pieces of antique. They are the backbone of any interior no matter which decade is your personal favourite from. Just because a piece is older doesn’t mean it’s worthy of being included in your design. If you’re going to include an antique, it needs to be in decent condition. Most of these pieces may need some restoration and cleaning. Like objects made from wood, porcelain, ivory.

Have a focal point: I recommend allowing the furniture in a room to take center stage because it helps make the function of the space crystal clear. A statement lamp, an antique glass-fronted cabinet, an absolutely stunning mirror or a vintage-style coffee table are enough to turn a dull living room into an inviting place. Well-kept rugs are a good option to keep in mind as well. Museums have collections scattered throughout the entire space. In your home, concentrate your collections in a few areas so they feel like a special focal point.

Group objects by colour: Antiques instantly become unified and, unlike a museum, you don’t have to organize by geography or time period — you make the rules. Try to reflect your style philosophy and pull your other décor selections together to create groupings that make design sense. As Billy Baldwin says, “The final judge in decorating, as any wise decorator knows, is not the “logic of the mind, but the logic of the eye.”

There’s something so appealing about paying homage to the elegant aesthetics of the past. Vintage design encompasses melancholy, romance and originality, so dare to play around and see what works best in the room you have to work with.Thats why its no surprise why people still love vintage interior design!

Devika Martins is an interior designer and co-founder of The Martins Group- an interior design studio based in Goa, India.

Have a question? Hit her up @devikamartins on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube & Snapchat. Or visit her website


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