DIY : Adding Pre-rolls to Your Plex Library Experience – Jimmy Lewis – Medium

I’ve been using Plex for a little while now to stream my media. I love that I can share my library with family and friends, and above anything else, it’s super simple.

I just learned about a really fun feature called “pre-roll.” The best way to describe it is a short clip that plays before your movie or show, like this one:

Thanks to Reddit user u/XDGFX, who has made and shared their own custom Plex pre-rolls, we can add them to our library and enhance our viewing experience.

Here’s how to get started:

First, go to the Reddit post and give u/XDGFX an upvote for their hard work and generosity. Then, go to this link to download the pre-roll .mp4 files.

Next, add them to the main directory where you keep your Plex library, for easy reference. For example:


Tip — You may consider renaming the files to an easier to navigate case, like the snake-case used in my examples.

Now, open your Plex Media Server, and go to Settings -> Extras and click the Show Advanced button. In the section called Cinema Trailers pre-roll video, you can specify the full path to your pre-rolls. You can add multiple pre-rolls, and Plex gives you options for those. You can separate the files with a comma, and the videos will play sequentially. Or, you can separate them by a semi-colon to randomly generate which file will be chosen to play.

Tip — Make sure you specify the path in it’s entirety, or else it will not work.


Now your server is ready to serve up the pre-rolls video(s) to your apps.

Next, open the app you use to watch Plex media with. Navigate to the settings, and find the setting called Cinema Trailers. You need to enable this feature by choosing to play at least 1 trailer prior to your movie. I personally have it set to 1.

These pre-rolls are also available to any users you share your library with. They just need to enable the Cinema Trailers setting on their device(s).

Now go ahead and start a movie from the beginning. With our example, you should get something like this:


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