DIY : A Raspberry Pi Stuffed Inside a Mouse Is a True All-In-One Computer

You’ve seen those “all-in-one” desktop computers, like the Apple iMac and the imaginatively-named HP All-in-One. They have a certain self-contained appeal for people who have no intention of ever upgrading their computer’s components. There’s only one problem: they’re not actually all-in-one. Sure, the computer is built into the monitor, but you still have a separate mouse and keyboard. YouTuber Electronic Grenade’s Computer Mouse, on the other hand, is a true all-in-one.

Yes, that’s right, this is a computer mouse that is also a computer-in-a-mouse. It contains everything a computer is supposed to, including a monitor, keyboard, and, obviously, the mouse. Surprisingly, it’s also reasonably-sized, and should fit comfortably in most people’s hands. A little flip-up display at the front shows the desktop, and a keyboard slides out of the base for good ol’ fashioned typing.

Electronic Grenade designed the mouse’s body in Autodesk Fusion 360, and the 3D-printed the parts. The computer inside is a Raspberry Pi Zero W, and the electronics from two USB mice were transplanted into the enclosure. A mini Bluetooth keyboard is stored in the base, and the screen is a tiny 1.5″ full-color OLED. Finally, an Adafruit Micro-LiPo charger and 500mAh battery power it all. That battery will probably only last an hour or two, but will provide actual all-in-one computing while it does.


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