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How to create deadly drugs from everyday things you could find at home. A Recipe for disaster from the streets of Jakarta.

Living in some third world country (especially in Jakarta, Indonesia) could be a pain in the ass, even if you already get used to it. The strobing heat from hell, the traffic jam filled with stupid drivers (also from hell), breathe in black smokes every minute you’re outside, underpaid job (or no job at all), these things among all else mixed in with a city that have stubborn faith to melancholy. Overpopulated with vagabonds from all over the country, withering the city’s economic culture, little kids strolling around the streets for some money, young lovers keep breaking their heart every now and then, and some people just stressed enough to despise sobriety. I understand that everybody needs their getaway moments of muse, but drugs are straight up illegal, and even if we could get our hands on it from the good part of society, those who really suffer from this city don’t have the money to afford it.

Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

These infamous ‘drugs’ are based on true stories (alcohol story sessions, but still..) Some are quite vivid in society, and some of them have this urban legend kinda vibe to it, but I can assure you these things are not as deadly if you don’t pull the ‘trigger’ on the mix, but I don’t want to get into the chemical details or whatever, because it doesn’t really matter anyway.

1. Glue Sniffing

Sniffing straight trough canned rubber glue is popular among little kids, and street rats, they usually spend 1–3 can per day to ‘stick’ with the high. You basically don’t need any mix, just buy specific kind of glue (the best buy brand is a local glue called Aica-aibon) open the can, and sniff your lungs out. The pros usually put the glue in a small plastic bag to amplify the sniffing process.

High — time: you basically look like a drunk person from afar, you can still walk and do pretty much any basic activities but with drowsy eyes, totally stupid face with a hint of an irrelevant laugh.

Best used for: Skipping through a hellishly hot day and embrace your simple poor life with friends.

2. The Trip Pills

Dimenhydrinate or motion sickness pills is a family friendly weak-stomach solution. Apparently, this travelling pills can give you a delirious hallucinatory experience at high enough doses. It’s commonly used for skipping through a bus, ferries, or plane journey. If you take 1–2 pills you’re probably gonna sleep through the trip, but try to take 5–10 pills at once and believe it or not you’re gonna have another trip within a trip. This drug’s abuse isn’t too popular since most people report the trip as not very enjoyable.

High — time: You kinda feel everything moves in slow motion, your vision’s gonna be like an iPhone camera doing its autofocus thing, the body would be too relaxed to look like a normal passenger, most likely can’t pee or even have any intention to do anything productive. Your eyes kind of say “can just hang in here for a while?”

Best used for: Not recommended to use while partying or some other testosterone-based activities.

3. The Headache Sprite

This special cocktail is a disastrous combo between headache relief pills and your favourite carbonated soft drink. You need to prepare this cocktail a day before you want to have that crazy night with friends. First, you need 2–3 pills of headache relief, but make sure they have dexchlorpheniramine in the description box, but it doesn’t really matter actually because of the next step.
Next step is to spray it (just a tiny bit) with some household pest control spray, leave the pill be for a night so it will somehow reduce the effect to not deadly, but still poisonous enough to create some kind of high. Lastly, you could mix it with sprite (or coke to make it even cooler) and shake till it dissolves and ready to serve. Not recommended for mixing with alcohol.

High — time: It’s about twice the power of your average booze, but with 10 times more headache on the next morning hangover. A true devilish bargain right?

Best used for: It’s the drink to do when your alcoholic-self wants to explore the dark side of the moon, but make sure you’re not doing it alone..

3. The Dazed Coffee

Despite the irony in its name, this one is arguably the most radical beverage on the list. I assume that the founding fathers of this thing were on some boring-night-shift neighbourhood watch (which is common in Jakarta), and the mosquito was just so bad that rubbing your skin with mosquito repellant won’t do much help anymore. The recipe is simple, a hot black coffee with lots of sugar and some mosquito repellant (the dosage doesn’t depend on your tolerance to mosquitos), mix it well and sip through the night.

High — time: you’re on that thin line between sleep and awake, a fine balance ingredient to have a meaningful yet forgettable conversation. You basically feel sleepy for quite some time, but the caffeine would hold you awake just fine.

Best used for: When you’re tired of the mosquito attacks, and just want to get through the night talking nonsense without having to buy any alcohol, or if you want to make friend with your neighbour by sharing a big cup of ‘coffee’, just add more sugar to smoothen the taste.


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