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Well all know X-rays are cool — they let you see your own skeleton! Unfortunately, very few of us have the time or money to go see a radiologist every time we get the urge to take a peek at our femurs. You could, of course, become a radiologist so you can look at your bones whenever you want, but that’s a strange way to choose a career. Instead, why not build your own 3D-printed X-ray machine like Fran Piernas did?

All joking aside, X-rays can be very dangerous. You should only follow this guide if you actually know what you’re doing. Even then, you shouldn’t use it to take X-rays of anything living that you’d like to stay alive. Aside from the potential harm from the X-rays themselves, this machine uses very high voltages that could electrocute you. Be careful!

Unlike other DIY builds that often use components scavenged from old CRT TVs, Piernas designed this one to be built from scratch. It utilizes a modified ZVS Mazzilli driver which can push 150V at 110kHz, and a Cockroft-Walton multiplier shoots that up to a blistering 65kV. Those provide enough voltage to drive a CEI OX/70-G4 X-ray emitter tube.

Everything is controlled by an Arduino Uno, which provides very important exposure-timer functionality. All of those parts are mounted inside a 3D-printed enclosure that Piernas designed in Autodesk Fusion 360. As I already mentioned, you shouldn’t use this to take X-ray images of yourself. But, you can use it — carefully — to take X-rays of inanimate objects, which is pretty darn cool, too!


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