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The hardest part of towing a trailer is deciding which hitch is best for your car and trailer. After that, it is pretty smooth sailing.

It won’t take you more than an hour to install a hitch and a ball with the right tools and equipment.

Here are some tips that will help you in setting up your hitch for a safe and smooth ride:

Selecting the Hardware

You should select your hitch by looking at the make and model of the towing vehicle you will be using. Most of the stores that sell hitches provide a lot of information about the hitches, so with a little bit of research, you will be fine.

Once you know which hitches can be used with your towing vehicle, you can decide other specifications. The ball mount should also be selected on the same criteria.

Safety Measures

When you get down to installing the hitch on your vehicle, it is important to take certain safety measures. First of all, you must jack up your vehicle so that you can safely go underneath it. The support should be strong enough so that the vehicle does not fall on you.

Wear safety goggles to prevent your eyes during the drilling process.

You must also ensure that there are no wires in the area where you will be drilling underneath the vehicle. If you do find some wires, you must disconnect them.

If you are drilling under a truck, then you must remove the spare tire first. The spare time is placed underneath the truck at the back. Removing it is important before engaging in any sort of work, as it could easily be damage during the drilling the process.

Marking the Drilling Area

Some vehicles come with holes already drilled in them for hitch installation. The hitch you bought will provide you with a guide where the drilling is required, so ensure that you follow it accordingly.

You will need to first decide where you want to install the hitch by looking at the frame. Hold the frame up on the towing vehicle and mark the areas where drilling is required. Do mark the receiver holes as well, as that is where the ball mount goes.

Drilling and Installation

Start drilling the holes where you’ve made markings.

Your hitch will have hole spacers or washers, which you should use for the placing at the bottom and top of the frame. Place them on the bolts, and start installing the bolts should be from top of the frame. Then place the hole spacers on the bottom of the bolts and install the hex flange nuts.

Once that is done, install the receiver.

Placing the Ball Mount

Placing the ball mount is pretty straightforward, as it does not require any drilling.

Take the pin on the ball mount and slide the mount on the square receiver hole. Align the holes and slip the pin in. There you have it.

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