DIY : 8 Ways to Get a Summer-Worthy Yard – Takl

Summer is here! What better way to spend those extra daylight hours than outside? Whether it’s dinner on the patio, parties at the pool, or catching fireflies after dark, these tips will help you create the perfect summer-worthy yard.

Lawn care

Mow, weed, and water your lawn to keep your grass looking good.

Pet waste removal

Don’t let a misstep ruin you or your guests’ evening. Make sure to pick up after your pets so all can enjoy the yard without worry.

Add outdoor lights

Installing outdoor lights lets you enjoy the outdoors even after the sun finally sets. Increase safety and visibility while saving energy with solar walkway lights. Hanging strings of lights or lighting fixtures adds beauty and brightness to your patio or yard. Use Takl to find an approved Provider to hang or install your outdoor lights.

Pressure washing

It’s amazing what a difference pressure washing can make. Remove dirt and other debris from your home, patio, windows, and sidewalks.

Water the plants

Keep your plants green and your flowers in good form by hydrating them regularly. The summer sun can be especially harsh.

Patio furniture

Rearrange patio furniture for a refreshed look. Another low-cost option is to change out pillows and the patio umbrella. On the higher end, you can replace your patio furniture. Make sure to find help moving patio furniture! You don’t want to spend your summer nursing an aching back.

Pest-repelling plants

Nothing is more annoying than trying to enjoy your outdoor space and fending off those tiny vampires called mosquitos. Rather than reach for the bug spray, add a natural pest repellent to your garden. Plants like lemongrass can help to keep mosquitos away so you can kick back and read a good book, enjoy dinner outside or just work on your tan.

Haul away unsightly obstacles

From fallen limbs to collapsing sheds, haul away eyesores to improve the look and function of your yard. Book a junk removal chore and let a Provider clear your space.

Want a helping hand creating your perfect summer yard? Use Takl to find local, background-checked Providers. Use the mobile app or order on the web to find same-day home services for your chores.


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