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Present day cars are equipped with sophisticated technology which provides vehicle diagnosis, in turn, lets us know the unerring problem. Few can be fixed without a stumbling block; you just need the right tools!

Air Filter

The name says it all. It purifies the impure air that goes to the engine. A clogged or worn out air filter reduces the efficiency of the engine resulting in poor power output and dampens emission control systems.

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It is recommended to replace the air filter at least at 30000 miles, and 15000 miles if the vehicle is driven in severe weather conditions. Nowadays most of the cars are equipped with two air filters, for cabin and another for the engine.


During rain, snow or storm, wipers are essential to maintaining proper visibility. Many manufacturers recommend replacing the wipers for every six months. Rubber over a period deteriorates due to the sun, debris in the air and moisture.

There are few early signs you need to consider wiper replacement, remember 4S!

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a. Skipping 
b. Streaking 
c. Splitting 
d. Squeaking

Caution! Make sure the wiper arms are not bent, and the blade is fitted properly to avoid smeared wiping.

Spark Plug

A spark plug provides a spark to power the engine. Here are the symptoms of a bad spark plug that are related to engine — trouble starting, twitchy sound, misfiring and high fuel intake. Since Spark Plugs are available in different ratings, always use the correct one. This DIY is for engines which have an easy access to replace spark plugs.

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Caution! Inspect all wires that are connected to spark plugs and threads before fitment

Battery Change

This is one of the simplest DIY. A replacement has to be done when the battery doesn’t hold the charge or when the voltmeter reading shows less than 9.6V. While installing a new battery, make sure the wires are attached to correct terminals (+ and -). We recommend to remove the black/negative (-ve) wire first and replace (-ve) last during installation. A good condition battery must have a voltage between 12.4 V and 12.7 V.

Photo By: BRA

Caution! Wear proper gloves, eye gear and look for acid spills.

Brake Pads

Your vehicle’s brake pads need a replacement when you hear screeching, squealing, or whining noise from the wheels when you engage brakes. Generally, the life of brake pads is between 30,000–35,000* miles (*varies based on driving habits and vehicle). However, in heavy traffic prone areas due to excessive braking, the brake pads tend to wear faster.

Photo By: Les Schwab

Caution! Remove the wheel, and seat the pads properly to avoid damaging the rotor.


Oil is an essential fluid for the engine to run along with fuel. Changing the oil as per the manufacturer’s recommendation (check the owner’s manual) keeps the engine fit and healthy.

Heads up — An oil change is needed;

a. If you hear knocking or ticking noise

b. If the car’s idle is rough

c. Oil indicator light comes on

d. Or the oil level is below the low-level mark on the dipstick located under the hood

Drain the old oil after a quick one or two mins drive so that all the contaminants will flow out smoothly. Few cars may have a belly pan — remove it to locate the drain plug

Caution! The engine must be turned off, and See to it that the oil is not hot. Close the drain lid properly to avoid leakages.


Your vehicle’s battery is fully functional, but you notice the blinkers or lights or other electrical gadgets stops working (in some cases the lights flicker), a blown fuse could be a trouble-maker. A fuse box is usually placed under hood near the engine or under the dashboard.

Photo By: Dummies | a. New Fuse b. Fuse Blown

Remove the blown fuse that’s labelled (refer owner’s manual for fuse layout) for the device that’s faulty.

Caution! Use the correct amperage fuse always, and turn off the engine while replacing the fuse.

Attention! Use right tools, safety gear and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) recommended parts.

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